Books (to work through)

Art and self improvement books make me happy…again, I may have a problem. In no particular order:

  • Inner Excavation [in progress]
  • Apartment Therapy [in progress]
  • Unclutter Your Life
  • Big New Free Happy Unusual Life
  • Writing and Being
  • Inner Compass
  • The Other End of the Leash
  • Cartoonists Workbook
  • Unfurling
  • Artists Journal Workshop
  • Drawing Lab
  • The Natural Way to Draw
  • Drawing Manual–Vilppu
  • One Moment Meditation
  • Visual Poetry
  • Cultivating Your Creative Life
  • Photographically Speaking
  • Photocraft
  • The Creative Photographer
  • The Right Brain Business Plan
  • Keys to Drawing With Imagination


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