2013 Goals

  1. Run the LA Marathon [3/17/13]
  2. Run 500 miles this year [Done!]
  3. Go to 50 yoga classes [ongoing…but not happening this year]
  4. Do a puzzle [1/6/13]
  5. Learn to hoop
  6. Learn to needlefelt
  7. Take 52 self portraits [ongoing]
  8. Visit my sister [2/15/13]
  9. Go on a retreat
  10. Visit friend [5/4/13]
  11. Go whale watching
  12. Get a pink boa
  13. Get a toe ring
  14. Keep a gratitude journal (1000 things) [ongoing]
  15. Fix brow
  16. Go to life drawing
  17. Drink mojitos [Done! Work travel has accomplished this a number of times over…]
  18. Have a fire in the fireplace
  19. Start a fire with the indian stone
  20. Get in the ocean [Done! 7/13]
  21. Learn and record a piano piece
  22. Finish Simbolo Perdido
  23. Listen to HP in Spanish
  24. Take a voice class
  25. Go to Chicago (see Book of Mormon) [Done! 8/13]
  26. Take a surf class
  27. Plan Japan trip
  28. Dive somewhere warm
  29. Organize a volleyball game [6/1/13]
  30. Write a 2013 manifesto [1/8/13]
  31. Do a 1-week media retreat [4/8/13]
  32. Do an early Animal Park visit [4/20/13]
  33. Go on WB VIP tour
  34. Try the Ford and Aviation bar
  35. Redo my wardrobe [getting there…almost done, I got rid of a lot of stuff I wasn’t wearing]
  36. Keep a scrapbook [ongoing]
  37. Get out the wii [4/9/13]
  38. Learn to do a handstand
  39. Finish a Saturday crossword [Done! a couple times, even.]
  40. Nap on the patio [Done]
  41. Get a new piercing
  42. Start meditating again
  43. Finish all classes [ongoing…totally not happening this year.]
  44. Institute screen-free Sundays
  45. Finish Soulstice
  46. Journey of Faith 12x
  47. Get garden cleaned up [ongoing…everytime I clear it out, it sits for a month and I start over again.  🙁  ]
  48. Get roof vents fixed
  49. Make patio awesome
  50. Go to beach before work 1x/wk
  51. Visit Wayfarer’s chapel and PV lighthouse
  52. Get 6 massages [getting close…]
  53. Send cards for bdays [fell off the wagon…as every year]
  54. Do me-things before work (2/wk)
  55. Keep ‘things I did’ list [ongoing]

3 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. Maureen

    Can I just copy your list? It sounds so much easier than coming up with my own 😀 Right now my list has 1 item: Find new place to live. Easier said than done.

  2. anne

    so…any updates to this? i think i was about 75% successful on my 30 before 31 list…gave myself until the end of this year to see if i could knock any more out 🙂

    1. Sarah

      I got a little steamrolled by work this year…as always. Also, it turns out I spent a lot of time running! But I updated the new stuff in blue, and I really really want to get to the garden and patio by the end of the year.


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