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Catching Up

Work jumped up and crushed my soul over the last few months…so I’m going to throw up a few recent photos of stuff from the beginning of the year and declare myself Caught Up.






August and September


Dear August,

I’m not too sure what just happened there…I blinked, and it’s September?!? You kicked off with a week of vacation, and suddenly it’s Labor Day! Well, vacation was great, anyhow. Let’s do it again sometime,



Dear September,

I didn’t want to hurt August’s feelings, but we have some work to do. The truth is, August was full of work stress and insomnia, and kind of sucked. We need to find a better way to recover from the fraught social interactions at work (and many of the non-fraught ones, if we’re being strictly honest). (Running, are you listening? This job might be too big for you. Don’t go away though, the situation would probably be critical without you.)

Anyhow, I have a few half-baked thoughts involving better relaxation techniques and distraction from the post-work hamster-wheeling. Let’s work on it a bit this weekend, okay?



31 Days to Different Results


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” ~R.M. Brown

It occurred to me this week that a lot of my job-related stress has to do with being stressed by the fact that I am stressed by my job. And so on, in a great spiral of doom. Every week I get more tired and more and more stressed about how tired and stressed I am. Every day I say, I’ll have energy this evening when I get home, and I’ll do ABC. I won’t be tired this weekend and I’ll do XYZ. But saying that doesn’t make me less tired, it accomplishes nothing except to wind me tighter and tighter every week into my little ball of exhaustion and resentment. If I change how I feel about my job, there’s really nothing wrong with the job itself. And thinking about it a little more, I realized that self-induced stress aside, the underlying frustration with my job is that it uses my best energy times, and then I don’t feel up to doing the things I want to do in my off time.

I’m going to try an experiment for July. Something drastic is called for in terms of my mental health, so for the month of July I am going to run to the beach and back (3 mi) every day. I’m taking my best energy time back for myself. I’m going to get up a little earlier, maybe go to work a little later, and run in the mornings, maybe a little sketching or piano if I have time. And It might turn out that I hate this experiment, but it can hardly fail to have different results.

Anyone want to do something drastic with me?



Do I look like a FREAKIN’ people person?

Too much people time. Too little energy. Doing the same thing every day and not getting different results. Improving the situation: photo walk. AND!!! An actual illustration for Illustration Friday. Even better.


Looking for yellow…

Weekend Status–Sunday

Recently Updated

Frogs of Madrona Marsh

It is always kind of a shock to find out that Real Me was not able to accomplish the to-do list I gave to Fantasy Me for the weekend. However, A+ for regaining some momentum, in particular the shooting AND posting of photos.

I edited yesterday’s photos this afternoon. Here’s the gallery! I haven’t quite sorted out my photography site–I’m not sure how to link directly to the album, and the template doesn’t allow comments on pictures. However, better done than perfect, if I wait until I get it right even Fantasy Me will have died of old age.


Weekend Status–Sat


Tiny frog, Madrona Marsh

I can’t figure out how a 6 mile run and a photo outing to Madrona Marsh took up the entire day, but they did. I really needed both of them though…

Weekend Status–Fri PM

Collaged Mermaid

Well, pretty good overall this afternoon–some laundry, some weeding/mulching, the last hour of My Fair Lady, and a little art. I added a mermaid collage to my book for the Mermaid Circus workshop. She went through a VERY ugly phase, but eventually arrived at Not Too Bad.

A+ for getting the ball rolling today.

Weekend Status–Fri AM

The State of the Garden

The State of the Garden

Well, pretty good start. I spent a couple of hours weeding, I finished the hellstrip but barely made a dent in the garden. I took a little nap, cleaned the bathroom sinks, and the appliance guys came with our new dishwasher. Cons: a discouraging amount of weeds. Pros: new dishwasher!

Memorial Day


Spotted on the way to the beach, geraniums.

Want to know what fun and relaxing thing I did this weekend? POUR CONCRETE, that’s what. Turns out, your water heater should be sitting ON a 3″ slab, not IN a 3″ hole. We were going to do the easy thing and have someone install a new water heater, but our setup turned out to be a liiiiitle out of code, then the tiny leak in the old one turned into a big leak, and who’s going to come pour concrete on Memorial Day? On the plus side, ‘wrap water heater’ is no longer on my list.