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Catching My Eye This Week…

The ‘You haven’t touched your camera in a week’ photo shoot. Gerbera daisies on the patio.

Running: I recently finished the book Born to Run. Fantasy me would like to start training to run ultra-marathons, it was that good.

Joy: Oh, how I want to meet Katie from Color Me Katie. She makes me want to paint rainbows on my walls. Which is not me at all, but I might need a little more color and lightness in my life.

Funny: In general, I avoid memes. But Grumpy Cat…Grumpy Cat I love. “I don’t like morning people. Or mornings. Or people.” “My Patronus…is a dementor.” Turns out, Grumpy Cat is not a breed but a single real cat. Too bad, because I really want one.

Art Projects: These cut canvases look awesome…I like the tree silhouette in particular, so that’s my project for the weekend.

Catching my eye this week…

ocean profile

Shell seeking…

Animated Short Film: Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty – It’s not new, but I just saw it for the first time, and I love her! Funny and beautifully done.

Photography: Brooke Shaden – Her work is incredible…dark, ethereal, magical. I just want to run out to the woods with a scarf and follow her inspiration. She does workshops…totally signing up next time she’s in LA!

Gardening: Fairy Gardens…MUST HAVE ONE…inspiration.

Things you never knew: I fucking love science on Facebook. There are a LOT of updates, but it’s completely fascinating.

Recipes: Coconut smoothies! Here, here and here.  I’ll be trying these on the patio this weekend.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!