New Additions–Desert Creations

I took a trip on Friday up to Desert Creations in Northridge, and of course came back with a few additions…


Othonna herrei

Othonna herrei is a weird little plant that was an impulse buy…that knobby stem caught my eye. It is a winter grower, so just starting to leaf out, it should have yellow flowers.


Operculicarya pachypus

I picked up Operculicarya pachypus as a bonsai project…I’m not sure O. pachypus is the one I wanted, online pics show a stem that’s fatter than what I had in mind, but we’ll see how it goes.


Ipomoea crassipes


Ipomoea holubii

I couldn’t decide between Ipomoea crassipes and Ipomoea holubii, so I got them both. The flowers are fairly similar I think, but those caudices! I dumped holubii over in my basket and it came out of the pot with just a few trailing roots, so I’ll be repotting that one pretty quick. Crassipes is blooming now, with tons of buds on the way.


Brachystelma barberae

The one I am most excited about is Brachystelma barberae–Desert Creations has a photo of it in bloom, which is probably why I decided to drive all the way up there. They had just two, I got the smaller (cheaper) one.  I’m a bit nervous about killing it, given how expensive it was. There isn’t much care information online, one site says it’s easy, another says it’s difficult. The caudex is a little softer than other plants, so I will have to be very careful watering it. It is supposed to be a summer grower, but it flowered recently so I’m not entirely sure what it’s up to. Hopefully it’s planning some leaves soon so I know where I am. Otherwise I will be doing some very very very careful minimal watering until spring.
According to plantzafrica, “It is a real challenge to grow and maintain good specimens as the plants are prone to rot…If kept wet during their rest period, they will rot at a remarkable speed and even turn into a mass of watery slime within a day or two.”

So this should be fun.



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