Marimo Globe


Marimos are a type of algae that grow into a sphere, shaped by the motion of the waves at the bottom of the lakes they grow in. They need very little light, and little care beyond an occasional water change. These guys are about 1/2 inch across, they’ve been sitting on my bedside table for nine months so far, happy as clams.


  • A marimo or three, these came from this shop on Etsy.
  • Glass globe (or really any clear water-holder), this is an 8mm footed glass globe, again from Etsy (The seller I got this one no longer exists, but a search for ‘glass globe vase’ brings up others)
  • White sand (from Michael’s, or probably any craft or garden store. Originally I planned to use black, but wasn’t sure how well the marimos would stand out. I bought some anyhow, still might try it out.)
  • Water–I have been using distilled, but from what I’ve read, tap water should be fine too.
  • Little decorations–small rocks, shells, anything really. The ‘tree’ here is a piece of root from a rose.

Throw it all together, poke things around a bit with tweezers until you like the arrangement, and voila!

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