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Contrasts Photowalk

Photojournal entry for the Find Your Eye course.
I went down to the marina at sunset to look for contrasts. When I started, I was looking for physical contrasts–light/dark, curved/straight, rough/smooth, natural/man-made, moving/still. It started out poorly. For 100 feet of pier full of seagulls and people watching the sunset over the water, there was not a single contrast. No, really. No ancient grandmas with canes carrying newborns. No purple and orange flags lined up in a row. No zebras or penguins.

Then I walked around a corner and there was a contrast so dramatic even I couldn’t miss it. Miles of gray concrete and a neon rainbow.


It says FUN FACTORY. How great is that?

So once I got started of course there were lots of contrasts. The looping black chain and the white posts. The water crashing on the solid rocks. The rows of blue-and-yellow paddle boats. But it turns out, the contrasts I really get a kick out of are conceptual. This is my favorite shot of the evening.


Lord Shiva and a lava lamp. There was also Jesus in a sparkly lime green tunic.

Then there were these guys hanging out on the dock, and suddenly I was on a treasure hunt:


Among all the fancy yachts and speedboats, a single romantic gondola.


And my favorite-shot-that-did-not-turn-out-great-but-definitely-try-again-during-daylight-and-with-a-different-lens-(i.e. not wide angle)-and-maybe-from-down-on-the-dock-shooting-up:


Three American flags and the Jolly Roger, baby.

There’s actually a word for this–an anatopism is something that is out of its proper place. Similar to anachronism, something out of its proper time. Which applies to some of these as well, but I think I’ve just started a collection of anatopisms. Taken last year, this was the founding photo, although I didn’t know it at the time:


So now I’m totally off topic, but if you’ve got anatopisms, I want to see them!